Dental Surgery


Dental department is located on the first floor of OPD block in room number 111.To bring back the lost smile on the patients face is the motto of the department. Empathetic approach is followed by the staff of the department. Tooth conservation approach is followed and much stress is laid on prevention rather than extraction of the tooth. We have advanced dental chair and RVG X ray unit and latest dental equipments.

Procedures Done…

1. Routine daily OPD
2. Light cure composite restoration.
3. Root canal treatment
4. Scaling and polishing
5. Surgical procedures such as

(a) Impaction with surgical incision
(b) Apicoectomy
(c) Management of fracture maxilla and mandible

Organisational chart of the department

S.No. Name Designation Phone(Hosp.) / Extn.
1. Dr. Monica Narwal HOD
2. Dr. Maitreyee GDMO


OPD varies from 80-100 patients and 50-60 patients in clinic cases daily. Extraction and impactions are done in the morning from 9am to 10 am. X-RAYS are done daily after 2pm-4pm. In the fast moving life we try our level best for minimum possible waiting time for the patients.

We have organized various teaching sessions in the hospital to apprise the public and staff of SDN Hospital about various dental problems and their prevention.
We aim to expand the dept in the near future so as to benefit more and more people and bring a healthy smile to their faces.

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