Laboratory & Transfusion Services

Laboratory & Transfusion Services

The Blood Bank of this Hospital is recognized by the State Blood Transfusions Council headed by Chief Secretary, Govt. of NCT, Delhi & is licensed by the Drug Controller Authority vide No. 1334/90. It is mandatory for the blood bank to comply with all the provision of the Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1999 of the Govt. of India. Now the blood bank is interacting with all other 28 Recognized Blood Bank in the NCT of Delhi to standardize various aspect of blood banking, share information & meet the requirement of blood /specific blood component of its patients.

       The blood bank provides round the clock transaction service of safe adequate supply of blood to meet the life saving requirement of patients admitted to the hospital in emergency I.C.U., Labor room & various wards. It is also responsible for various blood banking activities including:-

  • Screening and recruitment of healthy blood donors
  • Collection, storage of blood
  • Pre-transfusion screening of transfusion transmissible infections (TTI) eg. HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Syphilis, Malaria
  • Detection of any abnormal antibodies in the donated blood, DCT,ICT,
  • Compatibility testing & issue of blood units/ specific recipient blood Component FFP/PC.
  • Internal and External quality control of various blood banking procedures & lab tests

Despite the constraint of shortage of staff, the blood bank organizers periodical voluntary Blood Donation camps independently & in collaboration with RBTC’s and Indian Red Cross Society.

The Blood Bank Stock of Blood Units is updated online on the official website of MCD on daily basis.


During the year 2013-14, the department of Transfusion Medicine has further strengthened the existing facilities and services by reviewing SOP’s in accordance with the DGHS guidelines, Drug Act 1999. The hospital blood bank hopes to achieve its most cherished goal of up gradation to process the blood units to prepare various components by the middle of 2015. In its Endeavour to realize the aforesaid goal, the BTS has geared up the administrative efforts to expedite the availability of infrastructure, necessary equipments & personnel required for the setup.

  • In addition to the Deep Freezer (-30˚C), an Ultra Low Temp Deep Freezer (-80˚C) Detective Blood Bag tube Sealer has been installed for storage of FFP.
  • The blood bank has recently purchased a bench to tube seater plasma expression with sensor, sterile connecting device for component preparation.
  • The department has already acquired & commissioned a Platelet Incubator and Agitator Machine for storage of Platelet Units at 20-22˚C.
  • The blood bank lab is already equipped with a Coagulation Analyzer Machine (Stago-4 Model, France)

The blood bank has conducted fortnightly interactive meetings cum practical training to standardize the various aspects of blood banking techniques with particular stress on recent advancement / recommendations of NBTC. The aim of these ongoing activities is to attain good laboratory practices (GLP) & good manufacturing practices (GMP) as envisaged in the N.B.T.C. Guidelines and to impart knowledge of recent advancement to the technical staff in the field of transfusion medicine. These interactive meet also help these staff members to get their queries answered, discuss the problem areas & the remedies available to streamline the B.T.S

       In pursuance of the above stated objectives the blood bank personnel participated in a training Programme at Department of Transfusion Medicine, RML Hospital under the auspices of the DSACS. It was an intensive training programme conduced by experts from AIIMS, PGI, and Apollo Hospital & USA. The focus of the Programme was to ensure supply of safe blood & follow standardized lab techniques in all the blood bank. This was, followed by participant in terms of knowledge, proficiency and accuracy.


   In year 2014 7 voluntary Blood donation camp have been organized :-


       During the calendar year of 2014 the hospital Blood Bank achieved its target of collection of 2107 units of blood from replacement and voluntary blood donors. In addition, 410 units of blood were received from RBTC & IRCS & 269 units transferred to other Hospital. The BTS issued over units of blood to the patients in need. No major reaction attributed to blood transfusion, is reported by the clinicians this year.

In addition, the hospital blood bank arranged to issue the specific component required to correct the specific deficiency and appropriate management of the indigent patients in collaboration with the R.B.T.C’s and the IRCS. During 2014.


The Thallassemia Day care unit has been functioning from the Department premises for the management of, diagnosed patient  .All the registered patients numbering 21 are given blood transfusion under close supervision.

   The blood bank issued 626 units of Red cell concentrate / Semi packed RBCs required for maintaining the patient Hb more than / equal to 10 mg%. These children were also screened for various markers of, transfusion transmitted diseases periodically at stipulated time, as per the        guidelines of National Thallasemia Welfare Society. The screening test done in the department includes Haemogram., HIV ,HBsAg & HCV (Serum ferretin  test is done at Thalassemia Society or HRH ) at present .


It is proposed to start preparation of components from whole blood to meet the specific needs of the patients & in consequence of it purchase of aphaeresis machine is in process. It is also proposed to upgrade the BTS in terms of safety of blood recipients by issuing safe blood with highest degree of compatibility. To ensure transfusion of safe blood & minimize any associated risks, the blood bank plans to purchase the under mentioned machines in the year 2014-15:-

1.Deep Freezeer

2. Platelet inculcator cum agitator

S.No. Name Phone(Hosp.) / Extn.
1. Dr. Awanindra Kumar (MD) 22581036 / 204
2. Dr. Shelly Sehgal (MD) 22581036 / 208
3. Dr. Deepti Aggarwal (DMB) 22581036 / 208
4. Dr. Suruchi Shukla (MD) 22581036 / 209
5. Dr. Shilpa Bhardwaj (MD) 22581036 / 210

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

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