Obstetrics & Gynecology


S.No Name of Doctor Designation Post Phone (Hosp.) / Ext
1. Dr. Sunita Fotedar HOD Sr. Specialist 22581036 /211
2. Dr. Rashmi Saini I/C PPTCT Sr. Specialist 22581036 /212
3. Dr. Ashiko Sazero I/C OPD SAG
4. Dr. Shymoli Kundu I/C Thalassemia control CMO
5. Dr. Rekha Daral CMO CMO
6. Dr. Kamla Adarsh I/C Family Planning SAG 22581036 /213

The Service Delivery Frame work

Dept of OBGYN- Swami Dayanad Hospital, Dilshad Garden
1. Antenatal Care
Level 3 Institutional (Comprehensive Level)

ANC session includes:-

  • Registration (within 1st trimester)
  • Physical examination + weight + BP+ abdominal examination
  • Identification and referral for danger signs
  • Ensuring consumption of at least 100IFA tablets(for all pregnant women)/200 (for anaemic women)
  • Blood crossing matching
  • Essential lab investigations (HB%, Urine for Albumin/ sugar, Pregnancy test)
  • TT immunisation (Two doses at interval of one month)
  • Counselling on nutrition, birth preparedness, safe abortion and institutional delivery.
  • Management of severe anaemia
  • Management of complications in pregnancy referred from Levels 1 and 2

2. Intranatal Care :-

Level 3 Institutional (Comprehensive Level)

Normal delivery with use of patograph

  • Active management of third stage of labour
  • Infection prevention
  • Episiotomy and suturing cervical tear
  • Assisted vaginal deliveries like outlet forceps, vacuum
  • Management of obstructed labour
  • Surgical intervention like caesarean section
  • Comprehensive management of all obstetric emergencies, e.g PIH/ Eclampsia, sepsis, PPH retained placenta, shock etc.
  • Availability of above service round the clock
  • In-house blood bank

3.Postnatal and Newborn care :-

Level 3 Institutional (Comprehensive Level)

FRU comprehensive obstetric and neonatal care

  • Minimum 6 hrs stay post delivery
  • Counselling for feeding , nutrition, family planning , hygiene immunisation and PN check up
  • Clinical management of all maternal emergencies such as PPH, Puerperal sepsis, Eclampsia , Breast abscess, post surgical complication, shock and any other postnatal complication such as RH incompatibility etc.

4. Newborn care :-

  • Warmth
  • Hygiene and cord care
  • Care of LBW newborn <2500gm
  • Zero day immunisation OPV, BCG, Hepatitis B
  • Management of complication
  • Care of LBW newborn <1800gm
  • Establish referral linkages with higher facilities

5. Safe Abortion service as per MTP act :-
Level 3 Institutional (Comprehensive Level)

Counselling and facilitation for safe abortion service

  • Essential –MVA up to 8 weeks
  • Desirable first trimester services (up to 8 weeks) as per MTP act and guidelines
  • Post abortion contraceptive counselling
  • Treatment of incomplete / inevitable/ spontaneous abortions
  • Medical methods of abortion (up to 7 weeks of pregnancy)
  • Second trimester MTP as per MTP act and guidelines
  • Management of all post abortion complications

6. Management of RTI/STIs :-

  • Counselling, prevention
  • Identification and management of RTI/STIs

7. Family planning services as per the FP guidelines :-

  • Emergency contraception pills
  • Counselling, motivation for small family norm, distribution of condom, oral contraceptive pills, IUD insertion
  • Follow up services for contraceptive acceptors, including post sterilisation acceptors
  • Desirable- male sterilisation include non scalpel vasectomy tubectomy
  • Female sterilisation (mini lap and laparoscopic tubectomy)
  • Manage of all complications

8. Special clinics :-

  • Monday- Infertility clinic 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday – Post natal clinic 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
  • Thursday – Cancer screening 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

9. Comprehensive diagnostic and surgical treatment of Gynaecological disorders :-

  • Prolapse surgery
  • Fibroid surgery
  • Urogenital surgery
  • Tubal recanalization surgery

10. Basic and level 2 laparoscopic surgeries.

11. Teaching and auditing in the department on monthly bases.

NDVH done on 15-12-2014 for anterior wall fibroid at the level of internal os.

anterior1 anterior2

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