Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology


  1. Head of Deptt. : Dr. Anand Agarwal
  2. Specialists:   Dr. Amita Tyagi,Dr., Surender  Singh Bisht, Dr. Sandeep Duggal (NRHM),Dr. A.P.Azad, Dr.Sumit, Dr. Sheffali Roy
  3. GDMOs :  Dr. Jaswant Singh, Dr. Kailash Ram Verma, Dr. Shweta

       The department has following major work areas:

  1. Out- Patient Facility: Out patient facility which was shifted to new spacious facility in 3rd floor of OPD block helped to see patients in more patient-friendly way. It has its own registration and pharmacy counter thereby enabling mothers to quickly get their children examined and collect the drugs prescribed & go home.
  2. Inpatient Facility: comprises of
  3. Two pediatric wards Ward No. 6 & Ward No.9
  4. Level II nursery for neonatal care.
  5. One post-natal ward where all newborn babies, are kept with their mothers and immunized at birth. Mothers are encouraged and supervised to breastfeed their babies
  6. Labour room: round the clock neonatal resuscitation services are provided in labor room to all high-risk deliveries. Sick newborns are stabilized till the time they can be shifted to the mother side in postnatal ward or transferred to nursery for ongoing treatment.
  7. High- dependency care unit: whenever sick children more than 1 year of age require intensive monitoring and treatment, HDU facility, is utilized. Pediatricians contribute to care through ongoing consultations, observations and interaction with the team attending to the patient.  Subsequent step down care is ensured in pediatric ward to those children discharged from HDU to Ward
  8. Emergency care is given to patients reporting to the hospital in Casualty. Sick children are kept for observation and appropriately treated and managed by E.M.O. (Pediatrics) under supervision of a specialist. Besides one Medical Officer/senior resident is regularly sent as Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) also.
  9. Thalassemia Day Care Center: - Thalassemia children are regularly admitted for regular blood transfusion & all facilities are  provided to them. Total 24 Thalassemia children are registered with SDNH for regular Blood transfusion. This service is being provided under the roof of Blood Bank premises with active support and supervision of Transfusion Medicine Officer. Active and continuous support from National Thalassemia Welfare Society and GTBH (for cardiac evaluation) is also quite beneficial in better care of these children.

Total Patients admitted under pediatrics department in 2013 were 8508. Out of these 6164were newborns.

The department, besides conducting regular OPD and IPD services offers Well Baby Clinic daily, oversees immunization program and actively participates in Pulse Polio Program.

The new facilities, i.e., NRC centre and High risk follow-up clinic & early

intervention clinic  in pediatric OPD added new patients with satisfying results.

The highlight of the year was start of 120 bed MCH Block. The nursery was shifted to more spacious area in the new block.

Nutritional Rehabilitation & Counseling ( NRC) Centre: - Anthropometry of all children attending OPD is done and appropriate nutritional advice is given. Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) cases that are picked up in OPD or IYCF centers are treated as per the SAM protocol. Separate beds are allocated for this. Provision of staff, including a nutritionist, through NRHM has helped to streamline the management.

High risk follow-up clinic & early intervention clinic:- High risk follow-up clinic & early intervention clinic is held on Friday in which children with developmental delay or at high risk for developmental delay like birth asphyxia, prematurity & hyperbilirubinemia are followed up. Early intervention including developmental stimulation helps these children to reach their full potential.

Well Baby Clinic:

Well baby clinic is held on every day where babies are immunized. Preventive and promotional aspects in the newborn care are stressed upon.


Special care is given to preventive aspect of all vaccine preventable diseases by offering vaccination in Pediatric OPD as per Immunization program of Delhi Govt.

All newborns delivered in the hospital are given BCG, 0 dose of OPV and Hepatitis B 1st dose before discharge as per the recommendation.


Immunization 2010 2011 2012         2013         2014
B.C.G. 3373 4668 4416  5435         5739
Pentavalent 0 0 0 1799 2099
D.P.T. 3960 4992 4303 2242 1080
OPV 7401 9248 8708 9039 8733
Measles 903 897 838         632            540
M.M.R. 871 903 814 660 461
Hepatitis B 5973 8571 7799 6786 5965
Typhoid 885 653 718 635 695

Pediatric Asthma Clinic:

This year Pediatric Asthma Clinic registered around 150 new patients with total 600 patients attending follow- up clinic on every Thursday. Regular patient and family education is also provided. The hospital could provide most of the inhalers, spacer devices and baby masks. This has greatly improved the compliance and prevented repeated relapses.

Infant & Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Centre: - IYCF centre to promote breast feeding is functioning in the hospital. Mother in the OPD & Post Natal Ward are counseled & supported to breast feeding their babies. Mothers of children under 5 years are also advised regarding healthy feeding practices to reduce malnutrition. Healthy feeding practices are further promoted by imparting health education through audio visual aids in the PNC & OPD areas. Provision of manpower and funds through NRHM has helped in improving these services.

A.F.P. Surveillance:

All case of suspected AFP, were admitted in the pediatric ward and reported.  As per the protocol, stool samples were sent to N.I.C.D of all AFP cases

   Active participation in pulse polio immunization: Medical and Para-medical staff actively participated in the campaign on all NID days as well as in house-to-house immunization.  A center for immunization is regularly set up in SDNH on NIDs.

Some of the MIS and IEC activities are:

  1. Regular Peri-natal mortality meeting and Death Review Meetings are conducted to discuss ways to improve patient care in the hospital.
  1. District Level NRP TOT for Medical Officer was organized on19.042014.
  2. Several workshops on basic NRP were conducted in the hospital for doctors , nurses, nursing students to teach them in neonatal resuscitation.
  3. ORS week was celebrated in May 2014 with usual enthusiasm with public lecture on ORS and its benefits. General public was educated about ORS benefits and its importance in preventing diarrheal deaths.
  4. A BLS course for Health Care professional and police personal was conducted on 18/5/14.
  5. World Breastfeeding Fortnight was celebrated from 1st to 15th August 2014. Public health lectures on benefits of breastfeeding were taken by pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology doctor’s in their OPD’s and wards.
  6. Workshop on CPAP was organized on 10/8/14 with IAP EDB which was attended by doctors from East Delhi, Eminent faculty from AIIMS participated.
  7. Workshop on SAM with an NGO Anchal trust was conducted for ASHA,ANM workers from MCD dispensaries to train them in screening of SAM cases and their management on 29/9/14.
  8. Polio awareness programme for Health Care Professionals was conducted in November 2014 .
  9. A Painting Competition for children was organized in the Children OPD on the Children’s Day14th November.
  10. National Newborn Week (15th to 21st Nov-2014), Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop was organized for pediatric and Obst. & Gynae resident.
  11. Hepatitis B Awareness week as celebrated on 4th to 11th Dec 2014 to educates patients about the dangers of Hepatitis B and its prevention by immunization.

   Medical Education topics discussed for Doctors: -

       The Department carries on academic activities on regular basis especially for benefit of resident doctors. Some of topics that were discussed included:-

  • Nutrition and child development common infection and pediatric if topics related to the neonatology & general pediatrics

Public Lectures:

                 Public lectures were organized in Pediatrics Dept. regarding:-

  • Pulse polio
  • Immunization
  • Water Born diseases.
  • Nutrition
  • Oral Rehydration Solution
  • Hygiene & Prevention of diseases

Talks in simple language are given by the doctors of the department to patients waiting in the OPD area. These are two way interactive talks, where patients are encouraged to ask questions which are very educative for the patients.

Academic Achievements:

  • The doctors of the department attended many lectures, seminars and conferences at local and national level.
  • Doctors of the department are participating as Chairperson or faculty in various conferences, workshops and training program of national and state level.


2007 2055 45215 26017 71232
2008 2575 50815 32788 83603
2009 2273 47186 27124 74310
2010 6855(4551 -New Born) 41515 39871 81386
2011 7823(5211-new born) 43585 43873 87458
2012 7723(6346- newborn) 44828 42757 87585
2013 8508(6308- newborn) 45146 43805 88951
2014 8577(6775-new born) 46254 44578 90832
S.No Name of Doctor Designation Phone (Hosp.) / Ext
1. Dr. Anand Agarwal Senior Specialist 22581031 Extn 268
2. Dr. Amita Tyagi Senior Specialist 22581031 Extn 238
3. Dr. Surinder Singh Bisht Senior Specialist 22581031 Extn 238
4. Dr. Adarsh Priya Azad Senior Specialist
5. Dr. Santosh Tomar Chief Medical Officer 22581031 Extn
6. Dr. Kailash Ram Chief Medical Officer 22581031 Extn
7. Dr.Jaswant Singh Chief Medical Officer 22581031 Extn
8. Dr. Shweta Gaur GDMO
9. Dr. Swarn Pratap Singh GDMO
10. Dr. Sandeep Duggal Specialist 22581031 Extn
11. Dr. Ankita Tyagi GDMO 22581031
12. Dr. Sumit Mehndiratta Specialist 22581031
13. Dr. Ritesh Kamal Specialist 22581031
14. Dr. Shefali Roy Sharma Specialist 22581031


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