Lab services (Pathology and Blood Bank)

The Department of Pathology provides diagnostic facilities essentially to confirm/ establish the diagnosis for appropriate management of patients admitted in various wards including Emergency, Obstetrics and Gynae/ LR, HDU as well as the outdoor patients. It also facilitates the necessary laboratory screening of patients attending ANC, Diabetic clinic, Cardiac clinic, Skin clinic, Thalassemia unit & Adolescent clinic.

The Pathology Department of Swami Dayanand Hospital has nine sections, namely Histopathology, cytopathology, hematology& HPLC Lab, clinical pathology, biochemistry, and microbiology section,Emergency Lab/OPD Lab,ANc Lab.

  • The department is not only providing diagnostic and prognostic information via the patient reports but also is involved in preventive and health promotion actions for the society. These actions include, screening for Thalassemia carriers thereby preventing accumulation of Thalassemia majors in the society. Screening of cervical pap smears helps in diagnosis of early cancers thereby preventing the advanced cervical cancers.
  • Considering the need for uniformity and standardization in the Cytology  reporting  the cytopathology section of Swami Dayanand hospital is reporting FNA of breast lesions according to the guidelines laid down in the NHS UK Breast Cancer Screening Programme. The pathology department is issuing various reports only after thorough internal quality control.
  • The department is actively involved in the Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection.

The department is actively participating & rendering its services for the early cancer detection Program, PAP smear screening, HIV screening & Thalassemia Trait screening under DSACS project & Thallassemia control project of all ANC cases attending the hospital.

Since the HIS is fully operational now at SDN Hospital, the laboratory test requisitions are received, acknowledged on-line and the test reports are also entered on line which can be retrieved by the concerned physician.


The Pathology Department laboratory are equipped with the latest technology, microprocessor based fully automatic/ semiautomatic machines and gazettes for efficient processing, accuracy, quality control & precision of results. These equipments include computerized machines such as.

  • Automatic tissue processor (Yorco).
  • Histopathology Grossing table
  • Hematology Analyzers (Three parts Differential Count (4 NOS))
  • Automatic (biochemistry) Batch Analyzer
  • Up gradable Electrolytes analyzer (Esch, German)
  • Semi automatic Biochemistry Analyzer (Transasia)
  • Elisa Reader with Automatic plate washer – 2 NOS (Tecan Austria)
  • Micro typing centrifuge machine (DIAMED)
  • Coagulation Analyzer (Stago, France)
  • Automatic urine Analyzer (Baeyer’)
  • Laminar flow
  • Bacteriology incubators
  • Laboratory centrifuge & Overs
  • Autoclave machines
  • Binocular & trinacular Microscopes
  • Laboratory Airpurifer machine, etc
  • Deep freezer (-30°)
  • ILR & Laboratory refrigerator with digital temp display and thermograph recorder
  • Tissue block cabinets & slide cabinets, etc.
  • 12-Multichannel, variable volume & fixed volume imported fine micropipettes.
  • Automatic Tissue Processor (Leica Japan)
  • Five part differential count Hematology Analyzer (SYSMEX)
  • Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer (TRANSASIA)
  • Antigen Retrieval System (Microwave Based)
  • Ultra Deep Freezer (-80˚C)
  • Platelet Inculator & Agitator Machine
  • Electronic balances
  • Bio- mixers for blood collection
  • Dielectric sealers
  • Plasma thawing & separation machine.
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Biosafety Cabinet
  • HPLC Machine
  • Kit Storage Refrigerator
  • Plasma expressive with sensor
  • Bench top tube seater.
  • All these equipments are serviced regularly under AMC contract & calibrated as per protocol :

-Automatic Slides stainer

– Embedding Station

– Trihead Microscope

– 3 Slides cabinet

– One Block cabinet

– Scale for blood bag

-Electronic weighing cum balance scale for Blood Bank


During the financial year 2013-14 the department of pathology has taken a great leap forward to strengthen and augment the existing services for better efficiency, accuracy & quality control of tests conducted in the various sections of the Laboratory. This was possible with the acquisition and installation of equipments in the department during the period-

1.      Histopathology Lab: -
  • High resolution Trihead Microscope
  • Block cabinet & slide cabinets for 20,000 pcs.
  • Automatic Slide Steimer
  • Embedding station
  • EZ-Retrieval system for Immuno histochemistry has been installed & is being used for information of diagnosis & sub typing of various lesions.Tinhead Microscope.

Ongoing Technician Training/CME’s :-

  • The department conducts in house training program for the reorientation of the laboratory technician’s w.r.t the recent development, standardization of various laboratory tests and techniques aimed at further improvement of the quality and standards of laboratory practices.

Interactive programs are held on monthly basis at various workstations wherein the technical staffs have a free discussion on a given topic testing technique followed by practical demonstration & evaluation of the participants. The staffs, are strictly instructed to adhere to the universal precautions for personal protection.

MW Meetings are held every month to reinforce the technical staff to follow the instructions w.r.t. proper segregation & disposal of biological wasptes in accordance with the guidelines.

All the officers in the department actively participate in the interactive CME’s conducted periodically by the scientific committee of SDN Hospital every Friday.

  • The MO I/c participated in the scientific seminar at AIIMS & RML Hospital Safe Blood Transfusion practices & appropriate use of Blood/Components held on 11.06.2011
  • The under mentioned Lab Technicians attended the Training Programme on Laboratory Testing for Dengue/Chickengunia held on June 8& 10 at NICD:-

1.Mr.Chaman Lal & Nidhi have done 1 weak Blood Bank Training in RML Hospital      conducted by NACO.

  1. Mr. Devender Kumar has completed 6 months training of Blood Component preparation in RBTC.

3.Miss Sweta (Lab Trchnician)

4.Dr. Prashant Goyal (SR)

Quality Control: -

  • The quality controls of various laboratory tests, techniques, reagents & equipment, have been maintained on daily basis under the supervision of the respective in charges/specialists.
  • All the expensive equipments are under AMC & serviced on quarterly basis and on demand whenever required. Calibration of these machines is done periodically.
  • Internal and External Controls are put in place for maintaining Quality Assurance of the tests by participating in EQAS (CMC vellore ) & EQAP by AIIMS.
  • The kits and reagents are observed for deterioration & contamination.
  • The tests for specificity, sensitivity, avidity & titer are being put on every new batch/lot of reagents and kits.
  • The Testing Report from a reputed laboratory is mandatory; to be received before the department approves the kits/reagents/disposable laboratory items.The results of Lab investigations specially Histopathology Cytology & all abnormal reports are done by the SR & MO & Dept.
    1. Awanindra Kumar (Mo)
    2. Deepti Mohan (SR)
    3. Shelly Sehgal, Sr. Resident.
    4. Prasant Goyal (SR)
    5. Ghosh Soumyesh (SR)

Dr. Awanindra  Kumar   managed day-to-day administrative activities of Department of Pathology & Transfusion Medicine.

  • The technical staffs are directed to strictly follow the SOP’s at their assigned workstation to ensure standard processing techniques. These SOP’s are reviewed and modified by the respective in charges by incorporating the manufacturer instruction on the kits being used and the cut off values specified on the available kits for precise interpretation.


  • The officials and the technical staff participated in the NPEP and various state health programs during the year 2013. In addition the laboratory staff managed the ‘Health Camps’ organized by the EDMC on various occasions.

The department of Pathology is actively participating in Thalassemia Screening of ANC patients, HIV screening of ANC cases under the DSACS project PPTCT & early Cancer Detection Programme.

  • There are 21 patients registered in the Thallassemia Day Care Unit. It has been functioning from the Department premises and over 543 units of supervised blood (packed red cell concentrate) transfusion were given to the children registered at this unit. These children have been screened for transfusion ‘transmissible’ infectious markers particularly HBs Ag, HCV, HIV & also Hemogram.
  • The Laboratory Services were further strengthen with the posting of 6 Lab Asst. from EDMC. These technicians were assigned to work under the senior lab technicians of the hospital under supervision of the Senior Resident Doctors in different laboratory sections on quarterly rotation basis:-
  • Nidhi
  • Rajesh
  • Miss Priyanka
  • Miss Preeti
  • Chaman Lal
S.No Name of Doctor Designation Phone (Hosp.) / Ext
1. Dr. Awanindra Kumar HOD 22581036 / 204/ 207

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