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Right to information Act-2005 introduced and first application was received in year -2014. Following officers are designated and handling R.T.I.:

Dr. M.L. Jaipal                                            1st Appellate Authority

Dr. M.P. Singh                                           P.I.O.

Dr. K. Arya                                                A.P.I.O.

Sh. Manu Gautam                                      Dealing Assistant

Total No. of R.T.I. application in year 2014

Total No of R.T.I. 100
No. of R.T.I. received directly 78
No. of R.T.I. received through transfer 22
No. of  Appeal to 1st Appellate Authority 13
No. of R.T.I. appeal received through CIC 04

We have supplied information to all RTI’s on stipulated time.

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

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