The Dept. of Surgery saw many ups & downs during calendar year 2014.Down by retirement of Dr. Chatterjee (a broad – minded, big open hearted Surgeon to all patients ) & transfer of Dr. P.K.Padhy  (a world-wide friend & great surgeon), resulted  in shortage of working hands. Now in Jan 2015, Strength of Dept of Surgery consist of 5 Permanent postgraduate doctors & 2 Contract Specialist. We are managing all surgical cases coming to SDNH in SOPD Emergency (24×7) with indoor bed 54+.

LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY:-A part from record number  of General surgery Case, we are doing most type of Laproscopic Surgery for:-

  1. Gall Bladder Disease
  2. Groin Hernia as well as Umbilical hernia
  3. Appendicectomy (both routine & Emergency )
  4. Diagnostic Laparoscopy & follow-up Biopsy.

Urology:- The Dept of Surgery is running Urology Clinic on Friday. We are doing lots of Endourological procedure such as Cystoscopy & Urethroscopy. Following are the therapeutic procedures done in 2014.

1.TURP for BPH

2.TURBT for bladder Tumour.

3.Endoscopic Cystolithotomy

4 D-J stenting of ureter for Various indications.

5.Optical internal urethrotomy

Cancer Surgery:- Dept. of Surgery contribute to surgical (operative) part of cancer treatment . Other than Tru-cut Biopsy & part/incisional Biopsy for diagnostic purpose, following are Therapeatic Surgery procedure are done in 2014.

i)Ca Breast – Infiltrating ductal Carcinoma

ii)Skin            Basal Cell Carcinoms

iii) Buccal Ca – Biopsy

iv)Rectum- Adenocarcinoma

v)Large gut- Adenocarcinoma                   1
vi)Prostate –       A denocarcinoma (biopsy)

vii) Soft Tissue Sarcoma

For completion of treatment of cancer patient we refer them to Delhi Institute of cancer institute (DSCI) for  Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy with all details of records.

FAMILY WELFARE : Surgery dept. contribute to Family welfare programme in form of :

  1. NSV –Non scalpel Vasectomy
  2. Participating in awareness camp of population control.


Support of other Dept:- Surgery dept. also give positive support to Gynecology & obstetrics . Dept for all Gynecological cancer cases as well as any urological injuries(both bladder injury & ureteric injury )

CONFERANCES: -To update sill & knowledge , all doctors of surgery department attends local as well as National Conference. eg. Dr. Pramod Kumar  attended i)ASCION at Ahmedabad for CME and live demonstration Oncosurgery Conference at BLK, Delhi Dr. Manoj Kumar attended Basic Life Support Courses held by IMA, East Delhi.

The department is grateful for the administrative support it gets to upgrade the services and looks forward to have an increase in the number of O.T. days and filling up of vacant posts through UPSC.

S.No Name of Doctor Designation Phone (Hosp.) / Ext
1. Dr. B.K. Datta SAG 22581036 /317
2. Dr. R.K. Bansal SAG 22581036 /293
3. Dr. C.L. Verma NFSG 22581036/292
4. Dr. Promod Kumar NFSG 22581036/292
5. Dr. Monaj Kumar CMO 22581036/292
6. Dr. Deepak Chauhan Specialist Surgeon 22581036 /291
7. Dr. Neeraj Sharma Specialist Surgeon 22581036 /291

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