Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive care

The Department of Anaesthesia is a busy department running seven operation theaters and conducting major and minor surgeries. The Department is providing services 24×7 round the clock and is running three emergency operation theaters . This includes laparoscopic surgery, obstetric and gynecological surgeries, orthopedics ENT ophthalmology and pediatric surgeries. The Department also runs a Pre anaesthetic checkup clinic and day care surgeries and family planning. The Department boasts of running a state of the art intensive care unit. The department is also providing resuscitative team support for emergency patients. The department regularly takes part in academic activities in the form of case presentations, seminars and mortality and morbidity discussions..It has represented the hospital in regional and national conferences. The department recently achieved an academic milestone by bagging the second best monthly clinical meet of Indian society of anesthesiology Delhi Branch. The Department has taken the responsibility of uninterrupted oxygen supply to the hospital. It also takes care of sterilization of equipments and linen. It also actively participates in the infection control program of the hospital.The Department is planning to start four more operation theaters in the next calander year . It is also going to start a pain clinic for the benefit of patients.

Intensive Care

The chief minister of Delhi inaugurated the HDU of Swami Dayanand Hospital on October 1rd 2005..It started functioning from 2nd October 2005.Since then it has been an immense support to the critically ill patients of the hospital. The popularity as well as the workload gradually increased over these ten years. The patients admission increased by 107% from the initial year. The ICU is catering critically ill patients from medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and others. The ICU also performs academic activities regularly in the form of case presentations, seminars etc both intrahospital and intradepartmental. The ICU has also represented the hospital all over India in different national conferences either as chair or as faculty.

The cases treated in ICU:

septicemia, CAP, COPD ,acute pancreatitis, ecclampsia, ischemic stroke, haemorrhagic stroke, post operative cases of ovarian carcinoma, post operative cases of perforation peritoninis ,meningitis ,op poisoning, aluminum phosphide poisoning, intermediate syndrome, PRES, HELLP, postoncosurgery, post perforation peritonitis, pediatric patients suffering from acute severe asthma, bronchopneumonia, myocarditis, sepsis and severe sepsis.

Specific ICU Programme

1. The ICU along with the department of medicine has started ‘stroke program’in Swami Dayanand Hospital. Patients of acute ischemic stroke who come within 4.5 hours of attack can be thrombolysed . Till date 8 patients has been thrombolysed and six of them are doing well. We hope to continue the program with the active support of administration.
2. The ICU has the unique facility of CRRT( Continuous renal replacement therapy ) and SLEDD( sustained low efficacy daily hemodiafiltration).The critically ill patients suffering from acute kidney injury(AKI) are salvaged by this unique technique.

S.No. Name Designtion Phone(Hosp.) / Extn.
1. Dr Rajni Kherwal HOD 22581031 / 264
2. Dr. M Venugopal Contract Consultant 22581031 / 264
3. Dr. M K Mandal Contract Consultant 22581031 / 264
4. Dr.Rakesh Singhal SAG 22581031 / 250
5. Dr. Rajan Khanna Sr Specialist 22581031 / 264
6. Dr. Dharmender Sr Specialist 22581031 / 264
7. Dr. Mala Rani Gupta Sr Specialist 22581031 / 264
8. Dr. B.K.Lal CMO(NFSG) 22581031 / 264
9. Dr. Vinod Kumar CMO(NFSG) 22581031 / 264
10. Dr. Ranajit Chatterjee CMO(NFSG) 22581031 / 250
11. Dr. Reena Chaudhry Contract Specialist 22581031 / 250




Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

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