Medicine department is one of the largest departments in the hospital. Besides providing general medical care and round the clock emergency care, it is also running specialized clinics in the field of basic Cardiology and Metabolic (Diabetes) clinic. The department also performs special procedures like TMT/PFT and Doppler Echocardiography .

Staff Pattern :-

The department has 2 units:  Unit II headed by Dr Janet L Stephens Nee Thiek & Unit I headed by Dr. V. K Gupta

  1. Dr Janet L Thiek Nee Stephens ,Specialist Gr I ,Senior Consultant & Head of Department
  2. Dr V.K Gupta ,CMO (SAG),Senior Consultant
  3. Dr .Sudhir Mittal,CMO (SAG)
  4. Dr .P Suresh,CMO (SAG)
  5. Dr D. Chakravarty,CMO ( NSFG),Senior Consultant
  6. Dr .Gladbin Tyagi, SMO
  7. Dr. Sachin Gupta,GDMO
  8. Dr Bhagwad Prasad ,Contract CMO


The department also has the support of 11 Senior Residents,4 Junior Residents ,9 DNB Residents and 7 ECG Technicians.

Work pattern of the department

Out patient Department: The OPD attendance is the highest among all departments in the hospital.The OPD facility is at the 4th floor of The OPD building. OPD timing is from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. It has its own registration facility in the same floor. The statistics of OPD attendance

in 2018 is as follows –

New patients:          107832

Old Patients :            99145

Total No Of Patients: 206977


Cardiac Clinic   :- 

The department runs Cardiac Clinic every Wednesday from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. Here, patients with hypertension and  patients having cardiac problems  are investigated and treated. ECG, TMT & Doppler Echo Cardiography is available in the hospital. Detailed clinical and Bio-chemical evaluation is done of each patient.  If patient requires Coronary angiography, then patient is referred to Tertiary Referral Center.

Metabolic Clinic  :- 

Metabolic Clinic is held on every Thursday from 2 4 P.M. The patients are regularly investigated & managed thoroughly and advised about regular follow up. Diabetic patients are routinely evaluated for CAD, Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, Diabetic Nephropathy or other complications due to Diabetes. From time to time patient education camps are organized in the Metabolic Clinic OPD regarding  Diet, Exercise, foot & Eye Care. Obese patient are evaluate for other causes of obesity and thyroid disorders. We are also manage the patients having thyroid disorders in Metabolic Clinic.  The  Department regularly organizes Public lectures and Video shows for the Diabetic patients to increase the awareness about Diabetic Diet, Use of Insulin Injection, proper care of foot  and Exercise .

Emergency Services: Emergency care is given to patients reporting to the hospital in Casualty 24 x 7.  Sick patients are kept for observation and appropriately treated or admitted and managed by E.M.O ( Medicine) under supervision of a Senior Physician.

Indoor patients :

The department is having 60 beds in Wards 6, 7 & 8 ,where patient are admitted from OPD and Emergency. It also provides specialized consultation to patients referred from other departments including ICU and other Govt. Hospital like IHBAS. In Casualty and ICU ,facility for Medical Thrombolysis in acute Mycardial infarction (STEMI) is also available .After Stabilization ,th patients are transferred to higher centre for Coronary Angiography and further management .In ICU we also perform Medical Thrombolysis in acute Ischemic Stroke .

Specialized Investigations :-

Beside ECG, the department is regularly doing the TMT, PFT and Doppler Echo Cardiography. (Doppler Echo Cardiography was started w.e.f. OCT 2013.

ECG Service is available round the clock in the Causality.

DOTS Center :-

DOTS Center of the hospital is under the supervision of the department in coordination with District TB officer. The facility is in Room No 11, Ground Floor ,OPD Block.


The malaria clinic runs under the supervision of Medicine department the facility in the 4th floor of OPD Block. Peripheral Thick and Thin smears is done in the clinic. Patients who are positive for Malaria are also provided medicine free of cost.

Medicine department has every year  successfully contributed in the  surveillance and management of communicable diseases like acute gastroenteritis, cholera, typhoid fever, malarial fever, dengue fever, meningococcemia, swine flu and chikungunya etc.

Preventive Health check up for class (v) Nala Beldar working in EDMC is done twice a year different Medical Examination for medical fitness before joining the appointed department is done routinely.


Medical Education Programme and Seminars:-

The Department regularly organizes seminars & lectures for the doctors of the department for updating their knowledge and skills. Every now and then the department also arranges guest lectures in specialized field by the specialists of other hospitals. Lectures are routinely  arranged for the paramedical staff on communicable diseases and public lectures for the general public. Doctors of the department also take part in various health camps and attend various training courses, workshop, CMEs and conferences at local and national levels.

DNB Programme

DNB post graduate studies in Medicine was started w.e.f 2016. Every year 3 DNB candidates are allotted seats the Department. Teaching is provided to these students as per DNB guidelines, schedule and curriculum. The department has also started research oriented teachings and activities in lieu of this.

Public Lectures:

Public lectures and interactive sessions are also held regularly on the Medicine OPD premises on the following topics-

Vector borne Diseases, Water borne diseases, Oral Rehydration Solution, Health & Nutrition, Hygiene and Prevention of diseases ;and also use of Inhalers and insulin injection.


Days available

1 Dr. Janet L. Thiek Nee Stephens Specialist Gr I & HOD 22581031/308 418,Tuesday,Thursday Saturday 9 -11 AM
2 Dr. V.K Gupta CMO SAG 22581036/308 418, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am -1pm
3 Dr. Sudhir Mittal CMO SAG 22581036/228 416,Monday to Saturday 9am -1pm
4 Dr. P. Suresh CMO NSFG 22581036/228 412,Monday to Saturday 9am -1pm
5 Dr. D. Chakravarty CMO NSFG 22581036/230 412,Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday 9am -1pm
6 Dr.Gladbin Tyagi SMO 22581036/342 410,Monday to Saturday 9am -1pm
7 Dr.Sachin Gupta GDMO 22581036/342 410, Monday to Saturday 9am -1pm
8 Dr. Bhagwad Prasad CMO 22581036/228 411, Monday to Saturday 9am -1pm

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

Healthy population is an asset of the country. My motto is to achieve
"Health For All"

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