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S.No Name of Doctor Designation Post Phone (Hosp.) / Ext
1. Dr. L T YANGLA HOD, I/C unit I Sr. Specialist 22581036 /211
2. Dr. Kalpana Kumar Senior Specialist I/C Unit II Sr. Specialist 22581036 /212
3. Dr. Shamoli Kundu I/C Thalassemia Control SAG  22581036
4. Dr. Rekha Daral CMO (NFSG) CMO (NFSG)  22581036
5. Dr. Sarita Dheeraj Junior Specialist
Junior Specialist
6. Dr. Pooja Jain
Junior Specialist
Junior Specialist
7. Dr. Suman Junior Specialist Junior Specialist  22581036

Departmental policy – Optimal care around birth which means that every mother and new born receives full package of evidence based interventions that have shown to reduce maternal and new born deaths  supported by current guidelines, with priority to maternal and child survival.

MCH block comprising of 120 beds (110 beds of Obst. & Gynae and 10 beds of nursery have become fully operational from September 2014.

Layout of the MCH block wing

  • MCH casualty of 10 beds runs 24×7, it is equipped with facilities of observation, treatment and day care procedures also has a equipped resuscitation room for emergency.
  • Labour room functions 24×7 with 10 beds for 1st stage of labour and delivery room with 3 labour table and attached neonatal care corner fully equipped. In future to improve quality of care in labor room according to GOI (MHFW) normal beds to be replaced with Labor Delivery Recovery beds (LDR).
  • Labour room is also attached with emergency operation theatre carrying out various operative interventions round the clock with 4 beds in recovery.
  • New MCH block has four wards of 20 beds each meant for high risk ANC, post operative ward and 2 post natal wards. All 4 wards are fully functional with average bed occupancy which ranges from (100-140).
  • New block also has a provision of a second operative theatre which was meant for routine Gynecological surgeries and for Family Welfare dept. Presently it is being used by all the other surgical departmental for their routine surgeries.

Staff position

  • Regular consultants:-3
  • Contractual consultants:-4
  • SAG Medical officer:-2
  • NSFG:-1
  • 8 against SR’s :-15
  • DNB Student/JR’s:-12
  • Family planning I/c post vacant since 2014
  • ANM regular:-2 post
  • LHV:-1
  • Vacancy :- 1 Senior MO, 1 Anesthetist, 1 Driver, 1 ANM,7 SR’s

Services and activities of the Obst. & Gynae deptt.

  • OPD- Complete ANC check up daily of all pregnant patients.ANC care distributed trimester wise with last trimester pregnancy mostly supervised by consultants.
  • Gynecological examination and treatment of GYNE patients.
  • Thalassemia screnning in 1st trimester of all primi gravidas
    • HIV counseling & testing of all pregnant women.
    • HIV counseling & testing of high risk clients.
    • High risks identification & specialized care by Senior consultant.
    • Correction of antenatal anemia by giving I/v iron total dose as day care.
    • Fetal surveillance by CTG recording and USG. Following care around birth practice in labour room for better maternal & fetal outcome.
    • Ante partum RH immunization and tetanus toxoid.
    • Fully functional family planning unit. Its functions include distribution of OCPs and other contraceptives along with female sterilization both mini lap / laparoscopic sterilization,interval IUCDs and PPIUCDs. Contraceptives Chayya and Antara launched in year 2017 is available in the family welfare dept Room no 101& is being regularly used by the client
    • JSY counseling of all antenatal patients and disbursements of JSY funds is being done.

    Anemia eradication programme under taken by the deptt. of OBS GYNAE

    ANC Hb% estimation done during first visit of all ANC patients and once in second and third trimester. Severe and moderate anemia are given interventional treatment according to the period of gestation.  I/V iron sucrose in ANC  and I/v Carboxy maltose for postnatal and Gynae patients is  given  both on OPD & indoor basis. It has proven useful in correcting the iron deficiency anemia and reduced the number of blood transfusions and anemia related complications.

    Special clinics

    • Monday- Infertility 2:00pm to 4:pm
    • Wednesday- postpartum care & counseling 2:00pm to 4:pm
    • Thursday- cancer screening 2:00pm to 4:pm (PAP Smear+colposcopy)
    • Family planning activities
      • Counseling of JSY patients in daily OPD
      • Counseling of postpartum IUCD in daily OPD+ insertion of internal, PA PPUCD’s
      • Counseling of various contraceptive methods in daily OPD
      • Medical termination of pregnancy with IUCD done in minor O.T on 2 day/ week
      • MTP with laparoscopic ligation done in gynae OT on 3 day/week
      • Postpartum tubectomy done on all working days
      • Incentive money of JSY beneficiary procurement dispersion auditing done on monthly basis.
      • Distribution of Incentive money of sterilization given after following the procedural guidelines.
      • Plain CUT insertions/ removal in OPD basis and follow up is done daily
      • Indoor counseling in various contraceptive techniques by ANM & LHV since 1 yrs with dispersal to the eligible couple.
      • Introduction of new contraceptives Antara and Chaya



Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

Healthy population is an asset of the country. My motto is to achieve
"Health For All"

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