S.No. Name Designation Post Phone(Hosp.) / Extn.
1. Dr. Anup K Goswami HOD Splt Gd l 22581036 ext-224
2. Dr. Tishu Saxena Splt Gd l 22581036 ext-224
3. Dr.Naveen Neeraj CMO(SAG) 22581036 ext-341
4. Dr. Nidhi CMO 22581036 ext-304
5. Dr. Shweta Gaur GDMO 22581036 ext-225

The department of ophthalmology is a well equipped section of Swami Dayanand Hospital. The deptt is equipped with most of anterior segment and posterior segment diagnostic equipments. The department has facilities for anterior segment and squint surgeries. The department is manned by two specialists, three medical officers, one senior resident and one refractionist.

Operation Theater and Surgeries :The department has a fully equipped Operation Theatre with two phacoemulsification machines. The various surgeries performed  were Cataract surgeries including phacoemulsification with foldable intraocular lenses , Glaucoma surgeries, Combined (cataract + glaucoma) surgeries, Squint surgery, Pterygium surgery including conjunctival autograft, Scleral/corneal repair with traumatic cataract extraction, Dermoid / lipoma excision, minor procedures as chalazion excision, syringing & probing, wart and foreign body removal.

  Opthlalmic diagnostic Lab :-   The Eye OPD setup has a well equipped ophthalmic diagnostic lab with YAG laser unit, Autorefractokeratometer, A-scan biometer, Lensometer, Non-Contact Tonometer, Automated Perimeter, keratometer (Manual), Indirect ophthalmoscope, B-scan ultrasound. A wireless video indirect ophthalmoscope has been added this year to facilitate disposal of outdoor patients requiring retinal examination.Besides diagnostic procedures curative procedures as posterior capsulotomy and laser peripheral iridotomy are performed in the lab.

Glaucoma management/ work up: The doctors of the department also perform regular follow up of glaucoma patients and various investigations like gonioscopy, tonometry and field charting are done.

Conferences:- The doctors of the department regularly attended local/national conferences to update knowledge and skills.          .

CME programs: The deptt conducted  CME’s every year in the deptt.

Academic activities :- Free paper and  e-posters are regularly send every yearly  in  local/national conferences to update knowledge and skills.

Participation in National Health programs: The doctors of the department have actively participated in various national programs as

-National eye donation awareness program

-Motiabind mukti abhiyan

-Glaucoma awareness week program

-National disaster management program including mock drill

Participation in Health camps: The doctors of the department regularly participate in various health camps organized outside the hospital.

Eye Donation Fortnight (25th to 8th Sept) was conducted to increase awareness and motivate people for eye donation. Various motivational activities carried were

-CME conducted emphasizing role of non-ophthalmic physicians/hospital staff  in eye donation

-Nukkad Natak performed in ground floor OPD area to create awareness about eye donation in   general public

-Banners and posters were displayed in the hospital

-Eye donation forms/pamphlets distributed through registration counters and in Eye OPD


Wireless video indirect ophthalmoscope added in OPD

New YAG laser unit commissioned




Bed Occupancy (Month wise) 60(avg)
OPD attendance (monthly avg) 4000
Special Clinic day

Glaucoma clinic is run on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Yag Laser capsulotomy: performed on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays

Surgical operations

*Major surgeries average – 60

Minor Procedure  average -35


Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

Healthy population is an asset of the country. My motto is to achieve
"Health For All"

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