Orthopedics & Physiotherapy

Department of Orthopaedics is one of the busiest in the hospital. At present there are four senior Medical Officers in the department. Amongst them three have post graduate degrees in Orthopaedics. There are four senior and five junior residents in the department. There are only two plaster assistants against five sanctioned posts. The department possesses an operating arthroscopy set complete with monitors, shaving system etc. Fully equipped operation theatres with a newly installed pneumatically powered drill and saw system exist in our hospital. Unfortunately the C-arm machine is not functioning but a new machine is being procured with the hope that it will soon arrive.
With this infrastructure, all kinds of modern orthopaedic operations are being conducted here. In the past one year, the orthopaedic department has rendered invaluable services to the multitude of attending patients. In addition to the routine and common orthopaedic operations we have done all kinds of surgeries including arthroscopic surgeries for both knee and shoulder, total joint replacements of hips and knees, spinal surgeries for prolapsed inter vertebral discs, fixation and fusion of the spine and other surgeries as well.
In the year 2012 we have performed more than 300major and 600minor surgeries which included cases done in the minor OT in OPD and closed reduction of fractures in the orthopaedic OPD. In addition to this we have administered Hydrocortisone injections applied more than 8000 and removed 6000 plasters in 2012.
In addition to the routine cases all emergency cases are handled too. With the increase in the number of Senior and Junior residents, round the clock emergency services are being provided. Many emergency cases which had to be referred to other hospitals due to the lack of emergency facilities are being handled now. Many emergency procedures which include open reduction and internal fixation of fractures and drainage of bone and joint abscesses have been done in the past year.
The Ortho OPD is one of the heaviest amongst all with approximately300 patients being catered to daily, except for Wednesdays on which operations are performed. Minor cases are performed on OPD basis in the minor OT in the OPD. Also many closed reductions under anesthesia are performed in OPD itself. Regular CTEV clinic is run on every Friday in the OPD, whereby 240 CTEV plasters have been applied.
Physiotherapy which is an integral part of this department has been doing a commendable job. Excellent services are being provided to the needy and they are being rehabilitated to resume their occupation at earliest. Physiotherapy services are being provided to both indoor and outdoor patients from all departments including medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics and ICU as well. In the year 2012 the physiotherapy department has catered to more than 30000 patients in indoor and outdoor basis. But with the retirement of the senior physiotherapist the post is still lying vacant. At present there is only one physiotherapist in the department and with the increasing number of patients it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the situation. Filling up of the vacant posts of physiotherapist is of utmost importance at present.


S.No. Name of Officers Designation
1 Dr. P K Dutta (SAG) HOD(Orthopedics)
2 Dr. K P Rewami SAG
3 Dr. Gaurav Sharma CMO
4 Dr. V K Yadav SAG
5 Dr. Dharminder Contract (Specialist)



Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

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