A Sr. specialist, and on Senior Resident is managing the department of radiology. Sonography is done routinely and includes abdominal scanning(whole abdomen,upper abdomen and lower abdomen) obstetrics scanning(including biophysical scoring) gynecology USG (including TVS),neuro-sonography , thyroid, breast and scrotal scans. Eighteen (18) X-Ray assistants are giving round the clock X-Ray Facility for OPD in patients, emergency services and for medico- legal cases.

         In spite of acute shortage of Technical staff, the following work was carried out during, the year of report.


X-ray 2013 2014
Chest 22045 21576
Abdomen/KUB 3430 1351
Bone & Joints 5462 14078
E.N.T. 653 153
Spine 2817 4204
TOTAL 34871 41362


Ultrasound 2013 2014
Obstetrics & Gynecology 2434 1628
KUB/Lower/Upper Abdomen. 1209 5118
Whole abd. 2802 2440
Others 193 428
  1. Total
12387 11347
C.T. SCAN 1519 967

The New C.T. Scan Machine is installed on franchise basis through M/S Focus C.T Center services in March 2009. 20% of all cases are done free of cost on recommendation of Clinician in charge of the patient and endorsement from M.S/SDNH

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rajni Khedwal

Healthy population is an asset of the country. My motto is to achieve
"Health For All"

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